Green Straws

Green Straws

Our company, VIET A PRODUCTION TRADING SERVICES TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, has succeeded in producing Rice Straws that are immensely friendly to our environment.

Starting from the point that many countries and cities around the world have already banned using plastic produces including straws and the trend is using eco-friendly products, we put our resources into researching and producing a product that is environmentally friendly for the consumer and planet. GREEN STRAWS highlighted unique characteristic are:
• Self-destroying after being used without any effect to our environment (single using straws)
• Users can eat them after drinking water like Vietnamese steamed rice
• Ingredients: 100% Vietnamese fresh rice flour, tapioca, natural color and no chemical preservatives
• Product’s nature: Disposable and biodegradable products
• Preservation: Store in a cool and dry place
• Expiry date: 12 months from packing date

Green Straws, eco-friendly straws, have introduced the product to the international markets in Singapore, Australia, South Africa, US, Germany and other countries that are promoting ecofriendly products.
The local Vietnamese market has been strong with many distributors approaching our firms for an exclusive deal with high-end restaurants and hotels the targeted segment.

Green straws prides itself in the Quality control for every production process ranging from the selection of quality materials, heating control process’s, sorting, cutting and finally checking the humidity of every product before packaging and shipping.

We believe in the importance of a quality produce to meet and exceed customer satisfaction manufactured in a Safe & Clean Environment

Current production capacity is 2 tons per days with the ability to upgrade up to 10 tons a day base on the demand from domestic and international market (6 tons per 20” sea container).
Research and development of other Rice products is currently underway to expand our range of ecofriendly products to rid the planet of unnecessary plastic products.

Hotline: 0908 445 224